12 Days of Deals from Avon

For the next twelve days Avon is giving away free products with every online order. We want you to be pampered during this hectic Christmas season. Today Avon is offering a free bottle of Skin So Soft Bath Oil if your online order totals $45 or more.

Don’t miss out! Visit YourAvon.com/ctalbert to get your free bath oil.


12 Days of Deals from Avon

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My mother was a regular Avon customer when I was a kid. I grew up using the Avon flavor savers lip balm and Skin so Soft Lotion. I have always loved Avon. Today I am a 40-year-old wife and mother of 5 special needs children. My husband recently went back to work full time and my kids need a parent at home. This is why I became an Avon Independent Sales Representative. The products are well known because this company has been around for over a century. I believe in the products and how Avon helps women like me. With Avon I know I will be more financially independent, and be where it matters most, home with my beautiful children. Stop by my Facebook page, send me a message, or just order from me online at YourAvon.com/ctalbert. Thanks for stopping!

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