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Black Suede is a rich and smooth fragrance with sweet mossy tones and spicy accents on a background of amber, woods & musk. It’s the kind of classic male scent that gives off a confident and dependable vibe.

Avon’s Black Suede isn’t a game-changing perfume or even particularly noteworthy, but it’s the perfect bookend to a run of solidly-built men’s fragrances based around trusted wet-shaving themes.

Eau de Toilette 125ml

Black Suede is the classic Avon men’s fragrance that was launched in 1980, and it is a smooth blend of woody scented notes. This fragrance features a cedar-nutmeg-amber vibe that is perfect for mature men who want to smell great but don’t want to wear anything too flashy or outrageous. It’s also a good option for younger men who want to try out an older scent that isn’t too out there or expensive.

The initial aldehydes that make up the opening are very reminiscent of women’s perfumes from the same time period, but it moves on from there to be a solid and confident fragrance for men. The top notes include lemon, bergamot, and cardamom, which all come together to give the scent an almost-gourmand feel. This is a good thing, as it helps to keep the fragrance from being too dry or heavy.

Avon has always done a great job at making quality-smelling scents for their customers, and this one is no exception. The base of this scent includes oakmoss, labdanum, and vetiver, and the addition of orris in the heart gives it a hint of lipstick iris that is quite pleasant.

The combination of these ingredients makes this fragrance a great aftershave for any man who wants to show that he can be confident and masculine without being overbearing. This is a nice choice for any occasion and works well with a variety of clothing styles. It can even work as a casual-office fragrance, which is something that many men enjoy.

Hair & Body Wash 125ml

The Black Suede Hair & Body Wash has a similar scent to the perfume, with an emphasis on the woody and leather elements. The shampoo is designed to be used as a gentle, but effective, cleanser for your hair and skin. The formula is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and other harmful ingredients. It also features natural oils to help moisturize your skin. The Hair & Body Wash has a long-lasting fragrance that will leave you smelling great throughout the day and night.

This was one of Avon’s best men’s fragrances in the 80’s, and it serves as a bookend for their near-perfect run of solidly built men’s perfumes based on trusted wet-shaving themes that didn’t go overboard with animalics or grand bouquets of esoteric ingredients. The iris in Black Suede doesn’t quite smack the face like the lipstick iris of Dior Homme (2005,) but it still adds a slightly come-hither genderbend twist that seems to appeal to the same kind of guys who wore it back then.

This perfume is a rich, smooth blend of warm spices and oriental leather. It also has a touch of amber and oakmoss for a masculine and sensual finish. To get the most out of this cologne, spray it on your neck, wrists, the back of your ears, and inside your elbows. These areas of your skin give off the most heat and help diffuse the fragrance more quickly and evenly.

After Shave Conditioner 125ml

The after shave conditioner from Black Suede is a reliable product that works as advertised to condition the skin. It also has a nice pleasant scent that is not overwhelming. However, some customers have complained that the newer version of this product is thinner than before and does not help the skin as much as it did in the past.

Upgrade your grooming routine with the Lot of 3 Avon Black Suede After Shave Conditioner 3.4 fl. oz each. Entice others with a daring blend of woody, aromatic and leather notes. This men’s fragrance combines fresh bergamot, oakmoss, and fresh leather to create a classic scent that never goes out of style. Pair it with the Hair & Body Wash and Roll-On Deodorant to enhance the smooth, sensuous fragrance.

Cologne Spray 3.4 fl. oz.

Avon Black Suede is a solidly built men’s fragrance designed around trusted wet-shave themes that doesn’t fuss with animalics or grand bouquets of esoteric ingredients. It’s a pretty close bookend to Avon’s excellent run of men’s fragrance through the eighties and still works very well as an impeccably smooth, confident, and genteel anytime scent for most weather save the hottest. The aldehydes are smooth and almost sweet, blending perfectly with the darkly-sweet mandarin orange and bergamot and balancing the nutmeg with lavender to make it all work. The orris is a bit weak, but it does give the scent a slight gender flirt that the later Dior Homme would perfect some twenty years later.

This cologne spray is long lasting and combines notes of bright citrus, woody sandalwood, and musk to project a sensual aura. It’s a perfect companion for any man who isn’t afraid to take risks or follow his gut instinct. Spray on the neck, wrists, back of ears, and inner elbows for maximum impact. SkinSAFE tested this perfume and found it to be free of gluten, coconut, nickel, parabens, phthalates, MCI/MI, lanolin, and top allergens.

Truly American, this is a classic blend of warm woody and green notes highlighted with a touch of suede. The cologne spray comes in a whiskey colored bottle with a bold wooden cap and patriotic textured box. It was launched in 1980. This cologne is part of the Avon Black Suede Collection that also includes the Hair & Body Wash and After Shave Conditioner. This cologne has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from Fragrantica users and is recommended for daytime wear.

Antiperspirant Deodorant 2.6 fl. oz.

Infused with a blend of sweet, musky and spicy notes, Black Suede Antiperspirant Deodorant delivers a bold scent that’s both masculine and sophisticated. This fragranced men’s body spray provides long-lasting odor protection and leaves you feeling confident and strong. The rich fragrance of Black Suede pairs well with Avon’s Black Suede Hair & Body Wash, Cologne Spray and After Shave Conditioner for a complete fragrance experience.

Released in 1980, Black Suede was the perfect bookend to a near-perfect run of solid Avon men’s fragrances built around trusted wet-shaving themes that didn’t fiddle with animalics or grand bouquets of esoteric ingredients. A smooth blend of cedar, amber, lemon, nutmeg, lavender and musk, this fragrance is a throwback to the days when men’s fragrance was a drugstore staple. Though not a game-changer, this fragrance is still excellent and probably better for mature men who appreciate a solid classic. SkinSAFE tested and free of Fragrance, Gluten, Nickel, Lanolin, Paraben, Topical Antibiotic, Soy, Balsam of Peru, Dye and MCI/MI. This product is also Teen Safe and LipSafe. Non-sticky and easy to use.

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