Avon Fundraising Tips

Avon online fundraisers allow participants to share a unique link to shop the entire Avon catalog. Their organization earns money on each sale.

This takes the hard work out of fundraising. Instead of candy bars, giftAvon Fundraising wrapping or magazines your group can sell products families use everyday such as Skin So Soft, Bug Guard and Moisture Therapy.

Find an Organization

Organizations of all types, including religious groups, schools, day care centers, and sports teams have used Avon to raise money. Avon’s brand-name recognition and product assortment of beauty products that families use make it a perfect choice for fundraising.

Start by looking up the name of the organization online and finding a contact person. This is the person who will be your liaison with the organization, and it’s important to find a person that you can communicate with easily.

Once you’ve found an organization that is interested in a fundraiser, request a Fundraiser Flyer and get started! Fundraiser sales count toward your overall earnings and can help you reach President’s Club and higher rewards faster. You’ll also make more networking connections, which means new customers and recruits! Avon offers a variety of fundraiser options to fit the needs of any organization. They range from the traditional “flyer” style, where people in the organization go around to friends and family with Avon’s brochures and take orders, then deliver the order to the organization and receive a check for their earnings.

Write a Press Release

For your Avon fundraising to be successful you need to have a good press release. You can send a written or electronic press release to your local newspaper or to online outlets. Your press release needs to include all the important details of your fundraiser. It should start with who, what, when, where and how. This will catch the attention of the journalists and editors who are reading your press release.

The next paragraph should include the background and history of your Avon fundraiser. You can also include a quote from the organization or the people in charge of the fundraiser. This will add credibility to your story. The last paragraph should contain a call to action and contact information for your fundraiser. This will encourage journalists to follow up with you and will help them find out more about the details of your fundraiser.

Spread the Word

Avon has been successfully involved in fundraising for organizations and schools all over the country. Its reputation for top-quality products opens doors and makes selling simple. And unlike gift wrap or candy bars, Avon products the whole family uses year round. Skin So Soft, Avon Bug Guard and Moisture Therapy are some of America’s favorite Avon brands.

Many Avon Representatives have found that fundraisers are a great way to get their foot in the door to network with potential customers, recruits and referrals. And the best part is that sales made during a fundraiser count toward your earnings, allowing you to reach President’s Club and beyond!

You can spread the word about your fundraiser by distributing flyers, hosting a party or simply telling everyone you know. You can even use your social media accounts to post a special fundraising page.

Advertise Online

Whether it’s a local school, sports league or day care center, these organizations are looking for ways to raise funds. One of the best ways is with an Avon Fundraiser. With brand name recognition, the Avon Guarantee and a wide variety of products for the whole family, Avon fundraisers are very profitable for participants.

The organizer of the fundraiser can send out a unique link to their supporters that allows them to shop online from the entire Avon catalog. All the supporters need to do is share the link with their friends & family. Once the orders are placed, the Avon Representative will be notified and the products will be shipped directly to the organization’s address.

The Avon Rep can even create a special Facebook Group for the fundraiser so participants can chat, discuss their progress, and get support from each other throughout the campaign. Some representatives have even done giveaways or played games in their groups to make the fundraising experience fun for everyone involved.

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