Homestar Cleaner

Homestar Cleaner is a bleach-free triple-action power cleaner that eliminates tough greasy, grimy messes. It also works great for removing grout stains and odors.

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Try it with Cucina Hand Soap ($10) — our gentle yet effective, good-for-you luxury soap that leaves hands soft and moisturized.


Homestar Cleaner is a powerful, bleach-free, kitchen grease remover and degreaser made with citrus acid, orange oil and baking soda. Its advanced foam cleaning formula quickly and easily binds and breaks down stubborn kitchen grease stains and eliminates odors with a fresh green herbal scent. Save hours of tedious preparation time by skipping the hazardous solution mixtures and simply spraying this decontamination cleaner to a dirty surface. It also cuts through the toughest kitchen hood filters, cooktop range grates and BBQ grills.


Avon’s bleach-free multi-purpose power cleaner keeps your whole house clean without harsh chemicals. It removes kitchen grease, bathroom water stains, dirt between tiles, and even odors. It’s great for tackling stubborn, sticky spills and food messes.

Keeping up with regular home maintenance services is essential to preserve the integrity of a room. Attic bedrooms, for example, can be prone to mildew and mold, which need to be cleaned and removed as soon as they appear. Taking the time to keep up with maintenance ensures that a bedroom stays a comfortable place to live and sleep. A recent study by BRANZ showed that a six rating could save you 3% to 4% in energy costs and reduce utility bills. It also increases the longevity of the building and reduces environmental impact.

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