Green Beauty Products

Green beauty products are made with natural ingredients that nurture the skin and uplift the spirit. In addition, they are packaged with the environment in mind, using materials that are biodegradable and recyclable. Green beauty brands also prioritize eco-friendly practices and work with farmers who follow sustainable agriculture and protect ecosystems. They avoid ingredients that […]

5 Farm RX Beauty Products You Need to Know

With a focus on clean beauty that doesn’t compromise skin health, Farm RX uses organic ingredients in larger-sized containers. This helps reduce waste and shipping costs and allows you to get more for your money. The FarmRx program is targeted towards low-income adults who suffer from diet related illnesses and are determined food insecure. A […]

Avon Skin So Soft Bug Spray Review

Skin So Soft bath oil and eucalyptus oils have been anecdotally reported to be effective at repelling mosquitoes. However the New England Journal of Medicine study found that they provided no protection when compared to 95% DEET and a special mixture of ingredients. Many people wonder, does skin so soft really work as a mosquito […]

Avon Cosmetics Review

The company has a long history of offering cosmetics and other beauty products. Founded in 1886, it employs a unique direct selling method to reach customers. Its representatives, known as Avon ladies, sell products through home parties and other means. Avon is looking to attract a younger generation of consumers with its new brand strategy. […]

Glimmer Blush

Glimmer blush is a beauty essential loved by both makeup minimalists and full-glam enthusiasts. It’s easy to incorporate into any look to give cheeks a soft glow or more dramatic color. Women with light to medium skin tone will look ravishing in apricot or pretty pink blushes. Berry and warm brown shades like raisin will […]

Skin So Soft For Acne

Launched in 1961 and loved for 56 years, Skin So Soft is Avon’s most iconic product. This jojoba oil-infused bath oil moisturizes skin while you soak and can be used as a hand lotion, a makeup remover, or as a massage oil for tired muscles. This moisturizer is filled with two MVPs for clear skin: […]

Avon Deodorant Review

Avon deodorant is a great way to keep you fresh and clean. It comes in a variety of different scents and sizes. Some even have a bonus size. Black Suede Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant keeps you cool when things heat up with its leathery fragrance. This deodorant has an anti-whitening, non-staining, quick-drying formula. Timeless Roll-On Anti-Perspirant […]

Avon Candles Are Not Just A Source Of Light

Candles are a great addition to any home and can be a beautiful display piece. Choose from several different sizes and styles. Avon has new luxury scented candles! Experience these wintertime candles enhanced with fine fragrances crafted by master perfumers. Featuring Flannel, an aroma blend of bergamot, freesia and cedar; Nog, a rich blend of […]

Avon Odyssey Cologne Review

Take your senses on a journey of beauty with the captivating scent of Odyssey Cologne. This sultry fragrance from Avon features an irresistible combination of notes that combines an elegant blend of spices and mimosa with lily of the valley, magnolia, and musk. This Avon scent is a perfect dupe for Tom Ford Noir Extreme. […]

Does Avon Skin So Soft Work As a Mosquito Repellent?

Some people are curious to know whether avon skin so soft works as a mosquito repellent. While it isn’t as effective as a repellent with DEET, it does help to keep mosquitoes away. The ingredients in avon skin so soft contain Picaridin which is an effective insect repellent. It also helps to protect against mosquitoes, […]