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The calming, clean fragrance of haiku perfume evokes the serenity of a Japanese garden. The delicate floral notes of jasmine, lily, and citrus meld in harmony to create a scent that is as poetic as it is elegant.

Launched by the design house of Avon in 2000 Haiku is classified as a Floral Green fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of Japanese Yuzu citrus, Morning Dew Drops, Pomegranate, Green Freesia, Pear and White Petals layered with Lily-of-the-Valley, Jasmine, Kumquat, Prunella, Fig and Tuberose. It is recommended for romantic wear.

Avon Haiku Eau de Parfum

Embrace the poetic essence of life with Avon Haiku Eau de Parfum. This floral fragrance combines fresh and woody aromas to create a beautiful and unforgettable scent that’s perfect for everyday wear. It’s a great choice for work, dates, and romantic occasions. The floral scents of Japanese orchid and bergamot blend beautifully with the delicate notes of white peach, magnolia petals, mimosa, and musk. The woody aromas of cedar and sandalwood add depth and intensity to the fragrance, making it a truly unique perfume.

The 1.7 oz. bottle of this Avon haiku perfume has a regular price tag of $25 and can be found in my Avon store online. It comes in a stylish and attractive bottle that makes it the perfect gift for friends and family.

This Avon haiku perfume is an elegant and feminine fragrance that has been enchanting women from around the world for years. Its unique composition of fruity, floral, and woody aromas emphasizes the personality and femininity of every woman. The enchanting aroma of this Avon haiku perfume is perfect for any occasion, and it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who smells it.

The Avon haiku Kyoto Flower fragrance is a beautiful floral fragrance that evokes the serenity of a peaceful garden. Its luxurious clean notes are reminiscent of the beauty and serenity of a Japanese garden. It opens with top notes of sparkling Japanese citrus and pomegranate. The heart of this Avon haiku perfume includes floral notes of acacia blossoms, magnolia petals, and freesia. The base notes include musk, apricot skin, and sandalwood.

The Avon haiku Reflection Eau de Parfum is a fresh and floral fragrance that captures the tranquility of a Japanese garden. This Avon haiku perfume for women opens with top notes of marine accord and crisp pear. The heart of this Avon haiku fragrance consists of delicate florals including lily-of-the-valley and jasmine. The finishing touches are fig, prunella, and tuberose. This Avon haiku perfume is encapsulated in an attractive and elegant bottle with an Asian pagoda-inspired design, and it’s available in a 1.7 oz. spray.

Haiku Kyoto Flower Eau de Parfum

Experience the serenity of a tranquil garden of pure bliss with this fresh, floral fragrance. This perfume spray embodies the beauty of velvety violet leaf, pristine white peony and soft cotton musk for a beautiful blend of green and musky aromas. 1.7 oz.

This perfume is part of the Haiku Kyoto Flower fragrance line which includes matching body products like scented lotion and shower gel. Designed to bring out your inner zen master this Avon perfume is perfect for the woman who seeks a more serene and peaceful lifestyle.

When you apply this Avon perfume it leaves a light, long-lasting scent that will last throughout the day. You can wear it alone or layer it with other perfumes and colognes for a unique and sophisticated scent. This fragrance is recommended for spring or summer use.

To get the most out of this Avon perfume, shake well before each use. Hold the bottle upright about 6 to 8 inches away from your skin. Press the nozzle gently to release a light mist on the desired area of your body. Allow the perfume to dry naturally and avoid rubbing.

The Avon perfume bottles in the Haiku Kyoto Flower fragrance line feature a beautiful Japanese pagoda design that adds a touch of ambiance to your bathroom vanity or dressing table. These elegant perfume bottles are also a great gift for any special lady in your life who enjoys beautiful things or who just likes the way this fragrance smells.

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Haiku Reflection Eau de Parfum

Elevate your senses with the captivating allure of Haiku Reflection Eau de Parfum, a fresh green floral fragrance that brings to mind the beauty of symbolic Japanese flowers. This Avon perfume opens with enticing notes of Japanese yuzu citrus and pomegranate that meld with a floral heart of lily of the valley (muguet) and jasmine to awaken your inner radiance. Then, a soft beckoning of delicate white floral magnolia and sheer skin musk emerges to wrap you in a delicately sensual aura.

Haiku Reflection Eau de Parfum is part of Avon’s Zen-inspired Haiku fragrance collection. This women’s fragrance is part of the Floral Aquatic category and was launched in 2001. Its elegant Asian pagoda-inspired perfume bottle is adorned with a white cap and frosted glass accents.

Like all Avon fragrances, this spray is made with high-quality ingredients and is cruelty free. It contains a blend of natural and synthetic raw materials, including essences and absolutes. Perfume concentration is determined by the percentage of raw materials diluted in alcohol to facilitate its evaporation on your skin. The higher the concentration, the stronger the scent will be. Avon Haiku Reflection is available for purchase through your Avon Representative, online, and in stores.

Haiku Green Eau de Parfum

This feminine scent is a refreshing aquatic fragrance that blends crisp pear and a marine accord with floral notes of acacia blossoms, magnolia, and freesia. It’s an ideal perfume for everyday wear or to add a hint of subtle freshness to your work wardrobe. The original Asian pagoda-inspired Avon Haiku perfume bottle has been updated with a pale blue cap and clear glass.

Haiku Green perfume for women is a floral green fragrance that was introduced in 2000. This soft and pure floral scent opens with top notes of yuzu citrus and pomegranate, then moves to middle notes of green fressia, acacia blossoms, and pear. Finally, this Avon Haiku perfume dries down to notes of lily of the valley (muguet), jasmine, fig, Prunella, Kumquat, Tuberose, Milky Sandalwood, Musk and Vanilla.

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Enjoy the calming and clean fragrance of Haiku throughout the day with the body lotion and skin softener. After you shower or bathe, apply Haiku Body Lotion to your skin and then use the Haiku Fragranced Skin Softener to lock in the beautiful floral fragrance all day long. Lastly, finish your day with a spritz of Haiku Eau de Parfum spray to smell as fresh as the serenity of a Japanese garden in full bloom.

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