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Avon fundraisers are a great way to boost your sales and qualify for incentives. They can also bring in repeat customers later on.

Whether your organization is looking to raise money for a school, church or community project, a fundraiser is the perfect solution. It is quick, easy and convenient.

1. Find an Organization

Many people are looking for ways to help support their communities during this time of uncertainty. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on everyone – including nonprofit organizations. With government funding dwindling and people losing their jobs, it is hard for organizations to continue providing the public with essential services. This is why many organizations are turning to fundraising as a way to meet their goals.

One of the best ways to raise funds for your organization is by participating in an Avon Fundraiser. Avon offers a variety of fundraisers that can be customized to fit your needs. Fundraisers are a great opportunity to network and introduce your business to new customers. Plus, your fundraising sales will count towards your next earning level.

The most common type of Avon Fundraiser is the Flyer Fundraiser. With this type of fundraiser, members of your organization go around to their friends and family collecting orders. The orders are then compiled and placed with Avon. Once the products are delivered, the organization will then receive a check for their earnings. Avon currently has several different flyer fundraisers available, including Skin So Soft, Bug Guard, Children’s Bath Supplies, and Cosmetics.

Stuffed Animal Fundraisers are another popular option for organizations. Each fall and winter, Avon features a new plush animal that can be purchased for a donation to your organization. When you participate in this type of fundraiser, you will receive a custom fundraising packet with all of the printed materials you need. These include an easy-to-use fundraiser flyer, marketing flyers, and Avon brochures labeled with your unique fundraiser link.

Online Fundraisers are also a great option for nonprofit organizations. With this type of fundraiser, you will create a customized link that participants can share with their family, friends, and acquaintances. Then, when they click on the link, they will be able to shop from your Avon website and place their order.

2. Write a Press Release

Avon fundraisers can be used by organizations to help their cause and to gain new customers, recruits, sales and earnings levels. The amount of money that an organization earns can vary depending on the percentage (%) they choose and how many products are sold.

One way to raise awareness about a charity or fundraiser is by writing a press release. Press releases are a great way to get the word out about an event, program or fundraiser and can be sent out via email or fax to local newspapers, radio stations and other media outlets. Press releases can also be posted online in forums and blogs.

The key to writing a successful press release is to include all the necessary information. Begin by stating the five W’s: Who, What, Where, When and Why. This will give the media a good idea of what your story is about and why they should cover it. It is also important to include any exciting aspects of the event such as a celebrity appearance or special entertainment.

Make sure to write your press release in a professional tone and to use correct grammar and spelling. If possible, have someone else proofread your press release before sending it out to avoid any errors. Also, it is helpful to have a picture attached to the press release to help grab attention and provide visual appeal. Another helpful tip is to add meaningful quotes to your press release. This will give the media more reason to cover your story and also help them portray the event in a positive light. The quotes can be from past attendees, sponsors or donors. They should also be related to the fundraiser or charity.

3. Market Your Fundraiser

With the pandemic, the economy, and the current political climate being what it is – organizations of all kinds are having a tough time meeting the needs of their communities. Many nonprofits are struggling to provide services, maintain their operations, and keep their staff members on board. This makes it important for them to reach out to their networks for support – and that’s where Avon can help!

Avon has several fundraising platforms to choose from. It’s helpful to talk with your local Avon Representative to determine which one will work best for your organization’s goals. Each platform offers benefits that will allow your team to network like a pro, so it’s important to take the time to find out which will work for you.

Online fundraisers are a great option for teams that want to network with their community and expand their sales reach. The key to a successful online fundraiser is for the organization to regularly share the fundraiser with their network (bonus points if they also use relevant hashtags and include photos!). This will make it easier for people to connect with the fundraiser and support it.

Fundraiser Party

Another fun way to reach out and network is by hosting an Avon fundraising party. This is an easy, fun way to introduce people to the brand and show them what they have to offer. There are a lot of different party themes to choose from, so you can find one that fits the needs of your group. You can host a pedicure party, skin care party, spa night, or holiday shopping party – the possibilities are endless! During the party, your team can offer special discounts and free gifts to their guests.

4. Set Up a Facebook Group

Some direct sales consultants, like Avon & Lularoe, use Facebook to host online parties. These are events where people gather on Facebook for an allotted amount of time to play games, win prizes, learn about the products, and place their orders at the representative’s e-Store. These events are perfect for groups such as schools, sports teams, and needy families.

If you decide to host a fundraiser party on Facebook, it’s important that the organization knows that they will be asked for donations at some point during the event. This will help them get their supporter’s buy-in from the beginning. The organizer of the Facebook event can set up a fundraising page, and then send invitations to their supporters.

It’s also important for the organization to periodically share updates about their cause. If they are doing this regularly, their followers will be more likely to tune into the updates and respond. This will help them build more momentum in their fundraiser.

Once your fundraiser is set up, you can begin to promote it! If you’re selling online, it’s a good idea to add the fundraiser to your personal Facebook Page and/or group so that others can see it. You can also post the link to your e-Store in your signature on your personal or business website.

If you’re selling in person, you can hang Avon brochures at your workplace, the local grocery store, shopping center, or anywhere else that you feel they would be seen. You can also purchase suction cups from the dollar store and put them on your car to advertise your Avon fundraiser while you’re out and about. You can even give them out at community events, such as school functions and baby showers!

5. Share Your Fundraiser

Many times as an Avon Representative, you will be asked to do a fundraiser for your local community or school. These are great opportunities to share your AVON business with people you may already know and reach new customers. Depending on the organization and their tax status, you can be eligible for free or discounted shipping on their order. If you’re doing a flyer fundraiser, you can earn up to 35% of sales on the products featured in the fundraising flyers. These include products such as the Bug Guard, Anew Hydra Fusion, Avon Kids, Skin So Soft, and Moisture Therapy.

Avon online fundraisers are also an excellent option for organizations to use. They’re quick and easy to set up. Your organization’s supporters can shop the entire Avon catalog through a unique link and receive their order shipped directly to them from your eStore in as little as three weeks. When a person shops through your fundraiser link, it is recorded and reflected on the homepage of the Avon website so that you and your organization can keep track of sales and earnings.

You can use Facebook to promote your fundraiser as well. Posting updates about the fundraiser and sharing pictures of your events or Avon presentations are great ways to increase awareness. Encourage your organization to do the same and ask their followers to spread the word about the fundraiser.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to sign up for your personal Facebook page and add your business page so that you can share your posts on both pages. This will help to get you more exposure and more sales.

Learn more about Fundraising with Avon from your local Avon Representative Cascia Talbert here.

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